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As you can see my grandson Phoenix broke his arm. He shows off his colorful cast as his sister carefully looks on. Gratefully he will be good as new in a few weeks. I remember breaking my leg and wearing a full leg cast in Jr. High. Not fun. As an adult, my profession has been pretty safe. I really don’t get myself into dangerous, potentially, painful situations. Although there was that engagement sitting a few years back that left me with a herniated disk.
I was in the studio moving a prop (a heavy wooden fence) when it fell on my back. The sudden pain told me this was not going to be a simple bruise. I stoically finished the sitting, went home and spent about a week in bed, and a few more weeks hobbling to work. I haven’t hurt myself at work in years, and I don’t even have that prop anymore. Hopefully I will be injury free for many years to come, knock on wood.

Phoenix and his cast

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