Jack Jack Attack

Jack Jack Attack

Jack is 4, his dad is an engineer, his grandpa is an engineer, his mom came in to order her family photographs yesterday. I set out the usual toys to distract him for a while, and went through the sales process with Mom. We were near finished when I saw him moving my Key light to the white cove, then I turned around and noticed he had lined up a bunch of stools to pose people on, then he was heading for the toy dinosaurs to place on the stools when Mom said, come on Jack I think we’ve given this guy enough things to clean up after you, we’re finished. She made a good order, I just had to photograph his handy work.

My job a few days ago was to make this commercial building look interesting. I did the drive by shot, then got out and walked around. The sky had a beautiful overcast, but the light direction was gone completely. I used a wide angle lens to make the front corner look large and important, enhanced the sky in photoshop, to bring out definition in the clouds. Then I lightened the corner and darkened the walls to bring a little light direction in.


As you can see my grandson Phoenix broke his arm. He shows off his colorful cast as his sister carefully looks on. Gratefully he will be good as new in a few weeks. I remember breaking my leg and wearing a full leg cast in Jr. High. Not fun. As an adult, my profession has been pretty safe. I really don’t get myself into dangerous, potentially, painful situations. Although there was that engagement sitting a few years back that left me with a herniated disk.
I was in the studio moving a prop (a heavy wooden fence) when it fell on my back. The sudden pain told me this was not going to be a simple bruise. I stoically finished the sitting, went home and spent about a week in bed, and a few more weeks hobbling to work. I haven’t hurt myself at work in years, and I don’t even have that prop anymore. Hopefully I will be injury free for many years to come, knock on wood.

Phoenix and his cast

2000 Year old stone vase, small oil vessel, fragile clay pot, 2500 year old coin with the head of Zeus, and a cool 2300 year old coin with winged women flying over a monster with the body of a bull. Really fun and beautiful objects.

Cub Scout Leaders

Just went up the canyon with Dan and Melanie and had a great time, it was a little cold.




We had a great time.